Cash Dividend: VVT, Regular 0.1714/sh, Special 0.0489/sh, Ex-date: July 09, 2014| AC, 2.40/sh, Ex-date: July 10, 2014|LR, 0.0425/sh, Ex-date: July 10,2014 |MACAY, 1.35/sh, Ex-date: July 11, 2014| COSCO, 0.06/sh, Ex-date: July 11, 2014|BPI, 0.90/sh, Ex-date: July 14, 2014| CEB, 1.00/sh, Ex-date: July 16, 2014| JGS , 0.20/sh, Ex-date: July 17, 2014| RRHI, 0.41/sh, Ex-date: July 17, 2014| MB, 3%STD, Ex-date:  August 08, 2014| CEU, 0.50/sh, Ex-date: August 11, 2014|  CEU, Regular 0.50/sh, Ex-date: August 11, 2014|  HOUSE, 0.065/sh, Ex-date: August 11, 2014|  I-Remit, 0.05/sh, Special, Ex-date: August 15, 2014| CIC, STD 30%/sh, Ex-date: August 18, 2014|  MER, 5.91/sh, Special Ex-date: August 19, 2014|  MFIN, STD 1.7341193688%/sh, Ex-date: August 22, 2014|  MFIN, 0.0173411936/sh, Ex-date: August 22, 2014|  EEI, 0.05/sh, Ex-date: August 27, 2014|  WEB, 0.10/sh, Ex-date: August 27, 2014|

I. Ackerman & Co., Inc. is the first American-owned stock brokerage in the Philippines, and one of the most long-standing and reputable firms in the region. 2011 marks our 48th year serving the investing public.

I. Ackerman & Co., Inc. was founded by the late Irving Ackerman, a New Yorker who transplanted himself to the Philippines shortly after world war II. Ackerman went on to become one of the founding members of the Makati Stock Exchange - the predecessor to the Philippine Stock Exchange - in 1963.

I. Ackerman was also the Philippines' first stock columnist and widely quoted in local and international business periodicals. His book, How to Invest and Win in the Philippine Stock Market is still regarded as the definitive text for investing in the Philippine stock market.


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 All Shares4,536.862.540.06 
 Holding Firms7,098.5917.560.25 
 Mining and Oil14,225.26-110.24-0.77 
   Value (PhP)35,010,768,425